Panasonic DMR-EZ47V - Dead PSU -Primary side


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The Panasonic DMR-EZ47 appears dead but a quick check with a meter shows that voltage at the second diode runs above 10kVAC.
The power board is VEP71119C and is the same as the Panasonic DMR-EZ48V
The arrangement on the 240V side is of two transformers regulated by two 5 pin ICs 11150 & 11170 with heatsinks and then passed over two diode packages, D11142 (Left) & D11143 (Right) which look like they contain a regular diode and a zener, back to back.
Having changed out the ICs I found no difference yet the transformers are obviously working.
It may simply be that the second diode package D11143 has failed, where the 10kVAC appears.
Any information on correction or identifying the fault and the component will assist.
2100703 DMR-EX47V VEP71119C Power.jpg
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What has happened around LB11122 and LB11123 and the base of the main cap?

It looks like there has been an explosive failure there?

If you have not already replaced that main cap (Is it C11143?), you should do so.

Its failure was probably the cause of subsequent problems.

Troubleshooting switch mode power supplies is never easy or straightforward.
It would be pretty much routine to replace all the diodes.

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