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Sep 13, 2021
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Hi I'm new here and am looking to repair an old Panasonic DMR-EZ25

When I got it there was a faulty power supply and no Freeview, I've fixed those problems now, but a new problem has started.
I took the top off the DVD unit to give the spindle and lens a clean as it wouldn't recognise a RAM DVD, it read and recorded a DVDR but didn't like RAM discs, however, now it won't read or play anything.
The drive whirs and clunks and the laser fires a few times but the disk does not spin and the unit reports an error.
Having read through the posts on here I realise a faulty laser is most likely but the posts I read suggest the unit will report that a disc is present even if one is not when the laser is faulty, my unit isn't saying there's a disc present even if one is so my question is would it still be the laser or have I likely disturbed something else?
Given that the symptoms have changed following working on the unit I would say most likely it is something you have done.

Look at the lens with a good torch and make sure it is clean and sparkly. Beyond that and it could be anything...
Thank you for the reply.
I cleaned the laser and it's as clean as it can be, the machine is now doing the scraping sound and showing as a disc is inserted even when one isn't, so according to what I've read on here, it's the laser that's died.
I'm going to see if it's possible to source a replacement drive from a donor machine.
Hmm... maybe so if it is a known stock fault with the pickup. Good luck anyhow.
I took a punt on an eBay listing and bought a faulty DMR-ES15, which according to what I've read on here, has the same DVD RAM drive as my EZ25. Upon opening it, it was clear why it isn't working, the power supply caps are all leaking, but I'm only interested in the DVD drive, so I swapped them over.
Imagine my delight when it worked perfectly. I know the EZ25 is a very old unit, but the sense of satisfaction when you get it working is immense. It had a faulty power supply, a blown SMD fuse, no Freeview and a faulty DVD drive, but all good now.
And it's all from what I've read on this forum, many thanks :)
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