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Hi! I have recently purchased the Panasonic DMR EX95 and as im a newbie to this kind of technology I have found previous threads on the product really helpful. One thing that still puzzles me however is that the blurb on John Lewis website (where I bought it from) and on the Panasonic website says you can pause live TV with the product; but I cant work out how to do this. Can anyone help please? Thanks! :lease:
Hi Maggie - Welcome to the forum.

It is very straightforward .. although not obvious because there is no dedicated button as such.

Simply record the channel you may wish to 'pause'... Go into the navigator ... and the programme you are currently recording will be listed there along with all other recorded programmes [ with a red mark beside it to indicate it is currently recording. ] Simply select that title , as you would any other, to play it back.

The programme will continue recording but you can navigate through the recording to any point up to the current moment ... pause it, go backwards etc.
Hi Gavtech!

Thanks for such a helpful and prompt reply! When I emailed Panasonic about pausing live TV they said it couldnt be done and I would need to get Sky!! :thumbsup:
Strictly speaking, they are right, because the Panasonic DVD recorders do not start to buffer a channel when you change to it (a Sky+ box does this).

Pressing record & then going into the Direct Navigator is known as Timeslip & is a workaround to get the same effect as a Sky+ box.
Interestingly I have a JVC DR-MH300 Hard Disc / RAM DVD recorder which does buffer automatically on to the HD. This can be set for 1 hour or 3 hours back. I am surprised Panny do not provide this as it is incredibly useful as I do not have Sky Plus.

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