Question Panasonic DMR-EX86 . error when finalising discs then becomes protected how do I finalise?


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Hi folks,

I've had this HDD/DVD machine for a long time and have thought that it has packed in many a time. The moving parts in the DVD Player/copier/recorder seem to be the issue, never had issues with the HDD drive. Having thought it needed cleaned for years I opened up the DVD drive (not recommended by manufacturer) and cleaned it out put the top back on, screwed it up and that worked for a while. Turns out it is all about the distance the reader is from the disc as I pushed it down it read much better.

Anyway sometimes when the disc is copying (usually when the top has due to vibrations when copying shifted up and there is a gap so the machine is struggling to read the disc and therefore copy) it will stop recording and stop and shut down and either mean the disc is unable to be read at all or it will put disc protection on it. The second means it can still be played on the machine but is unable to be finalised.

Does anyone know how this can be reversed, rectified or any cheats to get the disc back to it's original state so that I can then copy more and then finalise the disc?

Over the last few years I have been unable to format discs (DVD R+ need to be formatted to then copy and finalise etc) any idea why this function has stopped working?

And now in the last few months the ability to put a title on the disc before finalising has become increasingly hard to do. It sometimes works but mostly just causes an error and shuts machine down.

Thanks in advance.

p.s. I know this machine pretty well and so any basic fixes I've tried and probably need something a bit outside the box. Hope someone can help cheers.


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Hi, did you mean the platter on the drive which hold the disc. I had this problem on an old machkne but it makes my sffected the ram disc they seemed to slip as this platter would not hold/ pressure correctly Judy took it apart cleaned this with fluid and worked fine then the hard drive failed so I scrapped it,

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