Panasonic DMR-EX85 noisey fan


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I have just purchased a Panasonic DMR-EX85 DVD HD recorder, when switched on there is a buzzing noise, which is quite loud, looking at the back of the unit I suspect this is the fan, the unit is louder than my PC when switched on.

Does anyone else with this unit notice the high noise level? I thinking of returning it as the background buzzing is annoying when watching DVD's or recorded films. My old Panny HD recorders never made this noise.

You help/views greatly appreciated.




Remove any DVD's if present and see if the noise is still present.

RAM disks in particular will spin at very high speed for some considerable time when put into the machine.


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Thanks for the replies guys, there is no CD in the drive, I've checked fan at the back and it isn't that spinning causing the noise as I orginally thought. It must be an internal fan or very noisey HD. Placing the unit on some foam has helped but it's still wirling away. I'll leave it a couple of days to see if it settles down.




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Well, I finally found out the problem and the solution thanks to reading another post on this forum.

The Noise was coming from the unit vibrating against the wood of my TV stand, this noise was being amplifield like an acoustic guitar. A guy on another thread suggested cutting up 2 squash balls and putting these under the unit to act as Shock absorbers.

Well it did the trick :thumbsup:



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yep, either split squash balls, or a piece of slate on top of the unit (providing it doesnt cover ventilation) usually get rid of most vibration :)

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