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Question Panasonic DMR-EX83EB Tuner Fault - No Channels Rx


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Panasonic DMR-EX83EB Tuner Fault - No Channels Rx
As usual at this time of year, I have my DMR-EX83EB set to record the Tour de France highlights. After dinner last night, went to watch - and there was nothing. No channels at all available. Did a rescan - no channels found. The co-ax loop-through to the TV is fine, so the channels are available but the tuner seems not to be functioning. Having checked connections, I did another rescan, same result.

This morning (without any further touching or checking) I set it to rescan, went to make a cup of tea, came back - and all the channels were there. Great, thought I. Set it to record the 7.00pm Tour highlights. Sat down this evening to catch up on the Tour - nothing had been recorded and again, all the channels had disappeared. Held the channel up & down buttons on the main set in for five seconds for a complete reset. The scan failed to find any channels. Is there anything that a layman like me can do to rectify the situation? If not, is it economical to take it in (somewhere?) for repair?

If the worst comes to the worst, any recommendations for a replacement with similar capabilities?

Any help and/or suggestions etc welcomed.
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I am surprised that you have not had any replies so far. I don't have your model but the symptoms you describe I have seen before, so maybe I can help.
The problem may be down to anaprop (anomolous propogation) which is a weather related phenomenen.
With digital tv signal reflections cause no problems but an interfering signal with either a long delay from the main signalor with different content can be corrected for upto a point but beyond this point any stronger inteference will render the signal not decodeable, the so called cliff-edge effect.
Now anaprop is generally more intense at night as the ionisphere moves.

So how to check this? The Panny will display signal strength and signal quality (i.e. error rate). This can be found on the Setup menu under Tuning and then Signal Condition.
Signal quality is the important one.
So see what the quality figure is during the day then look again when you have no reception.
Once the quality drops to around half or less you will loose the picture.
Let me know how you get on.
If this is the cause there are some things which may help alittle.

Sorry for any typos, typing this on a smzll tablet!

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