Panasonic dmr-ex77...how to line up stations, not using profiles?

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A little background:

I live in Spain.

Analog broadcasting was turned off last year, so spectrum can be sold to telecom companies to accomodate the new 4G services, so everybody had to get decoder for digital broadcasting (we call it TDT) for each TV (except apt. buildings) or buy a new TV with TDT built-in...I believe same happened in UK, but not sure...

Anyhow, after going through about 100 TDTs over the past three or four years for the TVs I still have without built-in TDT (I upgraded about 7 TVs and have six more not upgraded) I ended up keeping only 10 of those external TDTs or so, that on average had lasted no more than a year - rest returned due to poor quality - so lately, another fried and after searching yet again, I got fed up with all the garbage on the market nowadays -seems cheaper to just buy a new TV than a high end TDT - I decided to go back to my good old Panasonic dmr-ex77.

I love its overall performance and for what I use it, it serves me right.
Anyhow, there´s one little thing that´s driving me nuts:

The stations on the ¨master line-up¨ are not in the order I want them.
I looked at the instructions and searched the net, and it all indicates that the only way to deal with it, is by using the famous ¨profiles¨, which could be great, if they were not limited to 15 stations each.

Now, I see that currently, most of them are lined up (see picture), only the first two seem like they were bumped down, so everything down from there is messed up. These leads me to believe that at some point I set them up right, but I can´t remember how to do it anymore.

Any ideas how to change the station line-up?
Thank you in advance.


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