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    My father has recently bought a DMR-EX77. It all seems to work fine apart from the high speed copy function used to transfer programmes from the HD to DVD. When you record programmes from the TV sometimes it allows you to tranfer using High Speed Copy but at other times (and it seems to be when he uses the timer) it won't allow it and there is "!" mark against the recorded programme in the copy list.

    The main problem that I am facing is that I can't seem to find out how to turn high speed copy on or off. I am guessing thats its on by default ? In the manual ( and also on my own DMR 75 ) it says to go to the Disc menu in setup and select Settings for recording. But on my Dad's DMR77 there is no selection that says "Rec for High Speed Copy". Only "DVD Speed for High Speed Copy" and "Recording time in EP mode". Very strange. Can anyone help as this is drving me up the wall.

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