PANASONIC DMR-EX768EBK pip? series link? compared to Humax 9300t


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Hi. Ive just recently got a panasonic tx-32lzd8 tv. Ive connected it up to a humax 9300t but have been dissapointed with the pvr, as I can see have a few others. Noisy fan, no control over volume with humax remote when using hdmi cable and also in comparison to the picture(from the same attenna) on my tv freeview, the humax is annoyingly glitchy. I bought this over the above mentioned panasonic because of the reviews and features. it is fully loaded for a pvr, and would like to keep series link and pip if possible. Are they a feature on the panny. Also how good is this upscaling? Would it be better than my tv's picture? Humax 9300t only displays upto 720 which seems odd for a new item. Many thanks for any help offered.


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I don't understand this obsession with upscaling.... there's a scaler in your TV that's as good if not better than the one in the PVR/HDD recorder.

I've tried my EX77 in the various HDMI modes and find the best picture to be in 576p which the TV then scales up to native res. The 720/1080p modes just cause artifacts in the picture, although the Panny is better than most I've seen in this regard.

The EX768 is very similar to the EX77 plus has series link via the GuidePlus epg. There's no twin tuner like the Humax, therefore no PiP functions so you'd have to use the TV PiP function if available.

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