PANASONIC DMR-EX768EB audio recording audible over TV


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The above are connected but have developed a very irritating fault. In case you are unfamiliar with the above, you can watch live broadcast or recorded content from the DVD on the TV at the same time as the DVD is recording something different. However, while doing the latter the audio from whatever is being recorded is faintly audible over whatever is being watch on the TV.

I can’t see anything in the settings for either machine that might prevent this so I assume the fault lies with the DVD. Has anyone any idea how to cure this?



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Can you change audio settings on the DVD, or switch to a different audio out mode, like Optical?


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The fault will be due to partial failure of IC3001 (LV7107)- which is a 100 pin chip.

If you do a forum search for 'IC3001' you will find many posts about the problem.
This chip is in virtually all Panasonic DVD recorders.

This link will take you to a couple of recent examples from last week: Panasonic DMR-EX75EB-S No sound when viewing or recording live TV

IC3001 failure can produce a variety of symptoms including any of the following:

Echo in digital free view channels,​
Sound breaking through from other channels,​
Drain pipe sound, other sound related problems​
Slow startup without completing self check (other reasons prossible as well)​
Audio distortion on scart connection.​
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Atmoscinema: thanks for the reply. Short answer is I have no idea, but I'll have a look. However, it seems that Gavtech may have the answer; a faulty IC3001 for which my thanks Gavtech and I'll follow the leads you suggest.

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