Panasonic DMR-EX75EB-S - Recordings cut off before programme end



When I use the programme guide to set the recording of two contiguous programmes (e.g. 20-21 on Ch1 followed by 21-22 on Ch2) I find the first recording stops before the end of the programme proper. I have even found that the second recording includes the end of the first programme.
This suggests to me that the device has some fixed "set-up" period before the nominal start time of the programme to be recorded - presumably this is to cope with switching on, running up the disks, switching the channel, etc.
However, this could all be pseudo techno-babble for "your not doing it right". So far the only solution I can think of is to tweek the end time of the first programme and the start time of the second (perhaps only the latter is really necessary) but that risks losing the start of that second programme!
Can any kind soul shed some light on this and advise me?


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Yes the dvd recorders do need separation time. There is also another factor in that the broadcasters do not always stick to the scheduled times.

If you are recording to the HDD then I suggest you do not use the Guide for setting the timers. Use the TIMER recording option direct from FUNCTIONS and set the timer to cover both programmes padding both the start and end times.


Hoi Tony. Welcome to the forum.

This is not a problem of the machine so much as the broadcasters not sticking to the programme schedule.

Certain channels are better than others at keeping accurate scheduling... and the time of day can have a bearing too.

One way around this, especially if you are perhaps thinking of archiving one of two consecutive programmes is to record both programmes as one title and then split later in the correct place. This only works for recordings on the same channel obviously.

Tip - Easiest way to programme is to select first programme in EPG which takes you to the timer screen with all parameters filled in... Move focus to the Stop time and increase that time to the end of the second programme plus a few minutes.​

For consecutive programmes of different channels, it's a bit of a lottery. You just have to try to use your judgment about who will be ontime ... Or give greater priority to a programme you really want.... and add some buffer time.


:rolleyes: Thanks for your prompt and informative reply, Gavtech. It is much appreciated.
I had hoped that all channels (even the beeb) had enough padding between programmes to accommodate this uncertainty. Never mind they'll repeat things I missed, I'm sure.


Thanks for your prompt and informative reply, Royold. It is much appreciated.
As I said to Gavtech, who was also kind enough to reply, I had hoped that all channels had enough padding between programmes to accommodate all this but it doesn't seem to be the case (or what ads/trailers there are are not in the "right" place).
When watching a digital programme live via the recorder (it's the only digital tuner we have pro tem) and having set the following programme (on another channel) to be recorded I have noticed the recorder switch channel early-ish. I'll have to check the timing of that to get an idea of the intrisic separation time, then I can tweek my times with confidence!
Best regards.

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