Panasonic DMR-ES20D


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I bought the above DVD recorder a few days ago, but Im a little confused about its ability to record to 9.4GB DVD-RAM media. I take it that this media is double sided, (read and write to both physical sides of the disk?) so does that mean that when one side of the disk is filled, i have to physically take the disk out of the unit and flip it over to continue recording? :confused:
Im a bit of a newbie in this area! :lease:



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Yes you do physically have to remove and turn over the disc. So there isn't really much point in using these 9.4GB ram discs unless you need to keep a very large programme on the single disc. I do have a couple of these discs, still unused after almost 2 years now. I have around 70 4.7GB dvd single non cartridge dvd-ram discs so have never needed to use the larger discs.

If you need to purchase some single dvd ram discs then Blankdiscshop have 4.7GB in spindles of 10 discs for £14-99. Ridisc and Datasafe both just as good. There isn't all that much variation in quality between ram discs whoever the maker so purchase the cheapest.

This isn't just the ES20D, BTW, which needs to have the 9.4 discs turned over - it applies to all the machines which accept these discs.


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OIC - thanks for that ROYOLD. I'll save myself some cash and ignore them altogether then. :thumbsup: They seem like a complete waste of time and money to me in that case. I'll stick with 4.7GB discs. :)

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