Panasonic DMR-ES10 distortion when recording from Freeview



:mad: I have a Panasonic DMR ES10EB and a Sony VTX Freeview receiver. I have noticed that when recording from the AV2 input from the freeview box that intermitent red horizontal lines distorts the picture and also flashing blue across the screen occurs. This does not occur otherwise i.e just watching through freeview or recording from terrestial tv.
Is this a fault with the Panasonic DVD recorder or the Sony freeview box? Is it some kind of interference between the 2 units?

It only recently has started happening and both units are only 2 months old.

Any help would be appreciated before I venture into Comet service engineer land!



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RJJ said:
: This does not occur otherwise i.e just watching through freeview or recording from terrestial tv.
Although you state the above, have you actually monitored the freeview through the ES10 while its recording to see if anything shows up at that point?


It now appears to happen even if the recorder is just switched on and not just recording.


Suggest doing tests to isolate which unit is causing the problem.

Try connecting Sony Box direct to TV to see if problem still exists.

Does the problem ONLY occur when feeding freeview through ES10? For example if you play a known good disk on the ES10 do you still have the problem?

When you say the problem does not occur when watching 'through freeview' do you mean that the signal route that is passing through the ES10 or do you have another direct link?

When you say the problem does not occur when recording from terrestrial TV, do you mean using the ES10 's internal tuner? ,


Problem only occurs if routed through the ES10 tuner.

Sony VTX freeview box is fine otherwise, other than break up on poor signal.

I moved the freeview box away from the subwoofer in case of interference and also changed the scarts for better ones ( needed to do this anyway ) but still replicated probelms:
- red horizontal lines across all of the picture
- flashing blue screen washing over picture
- both intermittent.

Have sent is back to Panasonic for bench testing.

Not having much luck with Panasonic's as the first model the ES20 with the built in freeview went back due to a constant freezing of the picture, so I thought I would split the units down.

We'll have to see what they make of it?



Good Luck.

Please let us know the results.

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