Panasonic DMR-EH50 Set-up


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Dec 31, 2003
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Please help;
I want to be able watch Sky and record terrestial TV at the same time, is it possible with this recorder? If so how are the connections made?

I have a scart from sky to AV2 on recorder and outside Aerial into RF IN, then scart from Recorder (AV1) to TV (AV1) and aerial from RF-Out into RF-In on TV.

I can record the Sky programmes while watching terrestial but find it impossible to record terrestial and watch sky, any suggestions?
How many SCARTs has the TV?

I have a second one going from the Sky box to the TV, so I can watch sky regardless of what the recorder is doing.

This is also handy when setting the timer as I can go from the timer page to the sky EPG and back again via the TV!
Sure you can watch terrestial TV whilst recording Sky - that's because you are using the TV internal tuner for that.

RAB67 has given you the solution - you need a direct connection to another AV socket on the TV from the Sky box.

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