PANASONIC DMR-EH50 or Tosh rdxs34 ?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by manj, Oct 5, 2005.

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    here is my dillema , i can buy locally PANASONIC DMR-EH50 .. now, but TOSHIBA rdxs34 not available from same source , so i can hunt around or wait until in stock (dont know when) , i a bit hesitant to buy from interenet as i dont how reliable these things are (i have a disk drive fail in pc recently , so im just getting over that!) , i dont like the hassle and cost of sending these things back by post.
    Basically the Panny will do all the things ie time slip etc i want.
    ive read Panny are the best recording quality
    so my concerns

    1. I have a DV camcorder, and of course the panny doesnt have dv in . So the recording by s-video , what is the quality like ? (I know about dv -> analogue -> mpeg2 conversions as apposed to dv -> mpeg2 with a dv input video. But its the end result of the picture quality im interested in. Would the RDXs34 be better ? in what way ?

    2. Does it have an Ir Blaster to control a cable box ?

    3. On a Panny can i record , insert chapters , thumbnails , menu and then transfer them from HD to dvd disk ?

    I just cant decide
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    Go for the XS34 if you need to control a sky box (etc). This alone is worth any hassle in getting the machine.

    I've had both, couldn't distinguish the differnence in recorded programs, both machines make them look beautiful, but the XS34 is much easier to program for sky etc.

    1. XS can connect directly to a camcorder so that's a big help.

    2. Panny - NO and a major pain in the ass to program to record. You have to do it twice, once to tell the panny to switch on and record, and the second time on sky to change to the correct channel.

    With the XS 34 this problem is eliminated.

    3. You can do loads of editing with both machines. All that and more.

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