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    New here - sorry if this has been asked before.....

    The volume level on DVDs being played back on my E85 are significantly lower than the volume of either off air broadcast material from the internal tuner, pass through material from the connected Sky Digibox, or material recorded to the hard disk. Doesn't seem to matter whether the DVD is pre-recorded or a dubbed copy of some off-air material. It's also significantly quieter than the output from other analogue sources (VCR, Sky Digibox) and the digital output from my PS2 (also connected via Optical cable to the Denon).

    I have the E85 hooked up to a Denon AVR-2805 using optical cable, and best as I can work out, the digital bitstream is much more attenuated than the analogue audio stream sent for non-digital material. I've turned on Dynamic range compression at both ends but hasn't made any difference.

    This is annoying because I have to crank up the amp volume to watch DVDs (typically to between -15 and -10dB), and when switching back to another source the volume can be unbearably loud (especially with two young kids asleep upstairs) - the same subjective audio level can be achieved on analogue sources at aorund -30 to -25dB. The other effect of this is that it's impossible to go really loud in for movies with good soundtracks - even a unity gain on the amp, it's not as loud as I could get with my old combo of a Sony DVD player and AV Receiver.

    I cna;t see any config options on either the E85 or the 2805 to crank up the digital input gain to compensate for this, so I'm really struggling to work out how to sort this out.

    Anyone else noticed this - or am I just going crazy?

    Many thanks for taking pity on a newbie - great forum by the way......

    Vinny the Vid

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