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    I wonder if one of the gurus out there can help me.

    I have a Panasonic DMR-E55 and have some stuff recorded onto RAM disks, that is, a disk which is in a cartridge. I would like to transfer them to something more permanent so I thought the easiest way to do this would be transfer down to my PC then record it again on the Panasonic onto a DVD-R from the PC .

    My PC has an S-video port which appears to work perfectly well. I have run some checks on the PC and it can see that port. I have WinDVD software on the PC, I have the player, recorder and WinDVD creator which has a capture facility in it.

    But if I plug the S-Video cable into the output terminal, at the back of the unit, the PC cannot see it. Am I missing something here?

    I suppose in hindsight, it would be better to record stuff which I may or may not want to keep on DVD-RW on the Panasonic then at least I can re-use the disk if I don't want to keep it. But, I would be most grateful for any ideas.

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