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    I have just purchased the above dvd-recorder with intention of copying programmes from the Sky + box but on playback the picture quality is dreadful - bright colours and not at all sharp.

    I guess that the problem lies with my setup and would be grateful if someone could tell me where I am going wrong.

    My television has 3 scart sockets but only 1 being a RGB socket so I am using a Quinto RGB connector with all components connecting to the Quintro box and one scart to the tv.

    I have connected a scart lead from the sky+ (VCR connect) to dvd recorder (AV2) and then another scart from dvd recorder (AV1) to Quinto box.

    Within the dvd recorder I have the following setup.

    AV2 input: Video
    External Link: Ext 1
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    You will have better recording quality if you set it up this way.

    Sky+ TV out -> E55 AV2
    E55 AV1 to your Quintro box.

    Make sure you have Sky+ set to output RGB

    On the E55
    AV1 - set to RGB
    AV2 input - RGB
    AV2 connection - Normal

    The Sky+ VCR socket only outputs composite video which is much poorer in quality than RGB. The Sky+ TV socket outputs RGB and your E55 is capable of recording RGB.

    Your Sky+ signal will pass through the E55 when it is in standby. When you have the E55 on, make sure AV2 is selected to allow the Sky+ picture to be recorded and watched.

    I would also connect the Sky+ VCR socket to your Quintro - this will give you an alternative connection when recording terrestial channels on your E55. Better still would be to use the S-Video output of the Sky+ to one of your other scart sockets on the TV if they are S-Video capable.

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