Panasonic DMR-E55 - "Noise" during speech/sound playback - any help?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by grumk, Jul 1, 2004.

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    Hello everyone,
    I have recently bought a Panasonic DMR-E55 DVD recorder, this is my first DVD recorder/player and so don't know whether the problem I am experiencing is a "normal" experience with DVD players and I just have to live with it, or whether it is a problem that I can fix somehow. Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    The problem is that when playing pre-recorded DVDs (bought/rentals etc) the soundtrack playback (voice and music etc) is accompanied in the background by a sound that I can best describe as the sort of noise you get if you were trying to record something with a microphone on a windy day or tape noise from an audio cassette. It's something that for the most part you don't notice as the soundtrack is louder than the noise - but on quiet soundtracks, just speech for example, it very obviously starts as someone talks and stops as they stop or pause.

    Can anyone help? Is this a characteristic of this player, DVD players generally? Is it something I can fix by altering my setup at all?

    If you can offer any help I'd be very grateful.

    Thanks very much,

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