Panasonic DMR-E30 Recorded DVD-R compatibility



Hi People,
just thought i'd let you know of something that
I found out and find to be very interesting.

I have had my DMR-E30 for just over a week now, and
I must say it's really impressed me.

Anyway my mother has an old alba dvd player and I have
recorded a few films for her, 2 films on each disc, none of
which would play, although they would on my mates PS2
so not a total loss, as they were all quite new.

I then recorded various films and tried them all out on the
Alba - things were not looking good until i came across a
film that I had recorded in SP mode and it played flawlessly
in the Alba. So I recorded a few more in SP and they are all

Obviously this is still a problem as anything over 2 hours is
a no no, but it seems that SP mode is more compatible with
older players.

I will try recording in LP mode tonight but set it to record a
constant and not variable bit rate and let you know the results.

I feel that if they work on the old crappy alba they should work
on just about anything.



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