Panasonic DMR-E30 Record Problem


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Dear All

I've come across a new problem while recording on my Panny DMR-E30. This has happened while recording from my SKY+ box (via scart) onto DVD-R. I’ve been experimenting with cheaper DVD-R discs, namely Traxdata and FWS, which I purchased from SVP Communications ( ).

What is happening is that the unit goes into standby at some point after I’ve pressed the record button. Usually near the beginning but not always. Doesn’t happen with DVD-RAM. When I switch the unit on again it goes into recover mode. Sometimes I am left with a track that is complete up until the unit went off. But, sometimes there is no track, and this is usually the case when the unit goes off when near the beginning of a recording. It doesn’t happen all the time.

I also use TDK DVD-R discs but as I’ve only used these a few times I can’t say for certain that the problem is to do with the fact that I’m using cheaper DVD-R.

Anybody else experienced this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Milan Lad


It's definitely a cr*p disk problem. Try the ICE disks at 63p. I've only used two but they seem OK.



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Hi milanlad. It's the media. Also the Panny machines are somewhat picky about which cheap media they will cope with.

I have used mainly FWS but recently they are far less predictable and like you the machine shuts down after a few seconds of apparent recording. Sometimes I can record for an hour or so and the next program I try to record the same old problem occurs.

All in all though I have had about a 90% success rate with FWS media. I have tried Datasafe with a 100% fail rate. they won't work for me either on the E20 or the E30.

I have tried "ICE" Yeh the first two I tried worked but after that I have found them to be a dead loss. Same goes for the "white top" brand. first two worked the nect 10 was 100% failure and had to return them to SVP.

Most of my failed discs have been in the way you describe. Over the last few weeks finding cheap media that you can trust to be consistent is virtually impossible. One batch can be fine and the next batch a load of rubbish. The luck of the draw.

The verbatim discs if SVP have them again are seemingly reliable. I tried about 14 before risking the cheap stuff and all recorded without a problem. You might like to try the Eproformance discs from SVP supplied in a jewel case. I have only tried 3 todate and one failed but not by closing the machine down. I completed recording to the disc but on playback the picture froze about half way through.

The bottom line is pay more for seemingly reliable media or continue with the cheap stuff and accept the fact that some of them will be a dead loss. Malcom.


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I have used the Bulkmedia disks (purple top) Generation 3 (r2) disks at 45p from BigPockets in my E30 with only 1 failure out of 100 so far


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Hi there,

I'm using an HS2, and encountered the same problems with cheap media.

White label - no go. 100% failure.
White topped bulkpaq - only had 2 discs go phut so far.

White topped superior X2 - one failure out of 10.

Verbatim retail - no failures to date.

Wonder if it's worth starting a thread about media reliability?

This certainly won't be doing the -r camp any favours with the poor quality media that's out there.


I'm using Vivastar Branded media in jewelcases which I get
10 for £9 from a local bootsale computer stall. So far no disc
failures apart from when I try to record a full 4 hours on lp mode
and when I stopped the disc it started writing the track info
or whatever info it sends out to disc when you stop a recording
and froze and gave me a u11 error : then shut down.
I am wondering if you need to leave space on the end of a recording for this info, as when I record 3hrs30mins on LP
mode it works fine and finalizes fine.

If you do need to leave space on the end of the disc for this
info - does anyone know how much to leave in each recording



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