Panasonic DMR-E30 lip sync problems?


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Sep 10, 2002
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I've just recently bought the Panasonic DVD recorder, & have linked it upto my Sky+ digibox via scart sockets set to RGB, with the optical outputs on both connected to my Dolby Digital processor,
yet when I try to record an item from the Sky+ HD to the recorder the picture lags behind the audio, but when I play back the recorded dvd the audio is in sync, its as if the picture is getting held up on its way through the recorder,:confused:
Are any other DMR-E30 owners having the same problem or have I got a faulty unit?
Yes, it's exactly the same for me when I watch the RGB output from my ordinay Panasonic digibox through the E30. I think that's why in the manual they recommend that you connect each of them to the TV separately, and connect AV2 of the digibox to the DVD recorder. This isn't as good because AV2 (the VCR socket) doesn't output RGB :(

I've been trying to convince myself I'm imagining it, but if you're seeing something similar, it must be a 'feature' :( :( :mad:
bloody hell !!!!! and thought the problems i had were connected with the plasma i bought at the same time.
My issues now solved cos i have a direct connection , I only found it bad on highly compressed satt channels like sky news and vh1 and the bbc digital ones.
panasonic are offering the dmr 30 as a alternative tiner on the series 4 plasma screens because their new tuner does not work , they are also chucking in a vga to rgb syncblaster lear which corrects the problem .Its bad isent it guys its like watching monkey , i also find it sometimes adjusted the timing if i changed channels .Live and learn
I see that Empiredirect are now selling the DMR-E30 for £399. Too good to miss out on I think? However I'm concerned with the problem mentioned above. Does this happen even with the player switched off or in standby or does it only occur when you are monitoring what you are recording. If it's only the latter than I'm not worried but if it happens when the player is switched off I may have to reconsider as I don't want to pay this sort of money for a DVD recorder only to have to record a composite video feed.

Do the Philips DVDR880/890 have any quirks like this? I have considered the 880 but given that the recordings will almost exclusively be made purely for my own viewing I prefer the flexibilty of the DMR-E30 with it's timeslip and simultanious playback and recording and FR recording mode. Can anybody shed some light on this for me?

thanks stephen
I only get the lip sync problem when the unit is turned on, when left in standby everything is fine, I assume it has something to do with the buffers used while it encodes the signal, which is really annoying for me as I have it hooked up to a Sky+ box, & like to archive programmes I want to keep, on to disc while I'm watching them. :(
thanks for the quick response, looks like I better get the credit card to the ready!

Can I just ask you guys, how much of a difference does the RGB input make when you playback the recorded DVD?

I have the DMR-E20 and when playing back via RGB the composite recording looks fine but I was just wondering is the RGB input a really big improvement in the picture quality?

Stephen, I'd certainly recommend the Panasonic. I owned the Philips for all of one night. I was so disappointed with its picture quality.... I borrowed a Panasonic E30 from my dealer to compare the two side by side - and promptly returned the Philips. There is no contest; the Pana wins hands down!

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