Panasonic Dmr E30 Help!!!!!!!



I have the above dvd recorder, whilst copying of the tv, there was a power cut, when the power came on the dvd recorder went into recover mode. Its now stuck on this and will not let me eject the disc. Please can anyone help me


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In the manual it says to wait until the recovery process is completed,when the message will disappear. (Recover).Apart from that,i have no knowledge.Good luck.


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try this. power down at mains. wait 30 seconds or so. then power up at mains - let it do whatever it does until it settles, it may take a few minutes. then do not power it on - i.e out of standby or by pressing the power button on the remote or unit, but instead press the door open/eject button. that should work.



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mcunni1817. Welcome to the "stuck disc club" . I have had this problem too but not due to a power cut. But as a result of bad cheap media.

Keep trying. Just when you think it will never come out it probably will. Try this.....After you have powered down by pulling the plug and waiting for about half a minute. As soon as the power is on again. Press the eject button first and wait! Press several time if need be. Don't touch the units main on button at this stage as if you do it will try and read the disc again and you will forever be going round in circles of failure.

Let me know how you get on as this is an issue I aked Panasonic about when I first had my E20 a few months ago. They gave the same advise as others hear and so far each time the machine has eventually spit the disc back out. I have a horrible feeling that one day it won't. Good luck. Malcom


thanks for all the help, i disconnected power then when i turned it on pressed eject and pulled the front of the drive down a bit, and hey presto the disc came out.

many thanks to all who posted

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