Panasonic DMR E30 discontinued?!


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I decided this weekend to purchase this dvd recorder and asked for a price quote from sound & vision. I've used them before and they've been quite good at beating competitor prices.

However they responded by saying that the model has been discontinued! Does anyone know anything about this.

I find this hard to believe given that the product was only launched a few months ago and there doesn't seem to be a replacement model form Panny on the horizon.

I've checked other websites and the product does seem to be available at some sites ( the best price I found was £439 multi-region from KK Electronics but it doesn't say whether stock is available).

Does anyone know where it's in stock, multi-region and a reasonable price?



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Sound and Vision are talking c**p, They are probably talking about the E20 which is discontinued, E30 was only launched in September 2002.

Multiregionmagic seems to be a good place for good price and multiregion version, Wished I had waited :( I got mine from qed-uk.com but R2 only at the time when they were launched :(


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Thanks very much for this. Just tried multiregion.co.uk and the price looks great.

I thought that there was something fishy with S & V
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