Panasonic DMR E30....£356

dts borg

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Just been looking on the Techtronics web site and see the Panasonic DMR E30 for £356. Seems a good price but only region 2 :(

Used the live chat and was told that a multi region will be ready in 7/10 days ;)

But will cost around £500............:eek:

looks like I will wait for Sony & Toshiba and see what they will come up with...........:rolleyes:


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Just received my DMR E30 from for £429 multi region ( I think it's £399 region 2). Delivery is £10 to UK.


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Originally posted by Bogside
Just received my DMR E30 from for £429 multi region ( I think it's £399 region 2). Delivery is £10 to UK.
Would it be RCE compatible?


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Sorry Tim, I'm not sure if it does or not. Probably best to check with the website. I don't even have any RCE dvd's to try for you.

Machine Head

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Got mine last week for £399.95 including delivery from Comet. Somebody posted that a site was selling it for about £385 but can't remember which it was.


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Originally posted by Bogside
Just checked on the website and it does say that it'll play RCE dvds

jools 2001

@Machine Head
it was me,and the site was dixons.
My panny was stolen by a securicor omega driver
at my local depot,(obviously he was full of christmas spirit)
have spent past 2 weeks contacting dixons,who basically
said,they wouldnt send out a replacement,until it was confirmed
that the parcel was stolen by securicor.
In the end securicor regional manager,contacted dixons tp explain
that the parcel had gone missing(really it was stolen!! )
and could they send out a replacement,a.s.a.p as it was a xmas
present for the wife :-O
They said that it wouldnt be guaranteed for delivery before xmas,
and that i should treat it as a new years present(CHEEKY BASTARDS)
Doesnt this firm value a customer who spends nearly 400 squid, obviously they dont,there customer service is utter CRAP........
Have just recieved a multi region 1 for £429 +10 p+p.
Sorry to rant on,but if u spent the past 2 weeks,chasing a missing
xmas present(especially at this time of year,you will understand why im so ****ed off with Dixons
Jools 2001:mad:

Mark Bennett

Hi Machine Head,

How long did it take to get the order sorted out with Comet?

I called them up on the 6th and was told the next day I had been AOK'd for their 6 month interest free credit and to await the paperwork to nail it all down.

After countless calls back I've heard and received squat from them.

Waiting some more money I'm owed before I can just proceed and buy the damned thing.

Meanwhile I have 25x FWS DVD-Rs and 25x eperformance disks collecting dust plus 10x 9.4 gig DVD-Rams on the way from the US for NYE and no machine :-(

So much for christmass taping onto DVD.....


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