panasonic DMR E20



Hi i am considering buying the dmr e20 from ebay and the guy says its superior to the e30. is this true and how good is the dmr e20? my mate told me there are different formats of dvd-r and buying the wrong format would lead to me owning the dvd equivilent of beta max lol

any help would be grand thanks! :)


Hallo mate,do a search for dvd recorders on this forum there is loads of info on these players.i have been looking over the last few days.


I can't see how anyone can compare DVD players to the old Betamax format. The point is yes there are two different formats of recorders at the moment (Philips DVD RW & Panasonic DVD-ram) and no they are not compatible with each other, BUT, they both play manufactured DVD's and the only compatability issues are with each others DVD-r or +r formats.

You just need to decide which one is best for you. I just got the Panny E30 and am well pleased with it as I use the time slip recording option a fair bit, which the Philips doesn't have.
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