Panasonic dmr e20 or 30?Which is best?


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Hi ,im considering buying either model and wanted to know if either was better?
Should be buying this weekend.


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The E20 was the earlier model; bigger; heavier, it has DV in so you can hook up your camcorder. The E-30 was launched a month or two ago; is slimmer, a lot cheaper than the E20 started out at, does not have DV in, but does have an easy Flexible recording mode, allowing you to specify the amount of time you want the disc to last (ie you can set the player to record a 2 hour 20 minute film on an entire disc.) The E20 only has this facility when using a timer recording, making it quite tedious to use.
Otherwise, I believe the funtionality and specs are identical.
My advice; if DV in is not that important, definately go for the E30.

If you can, go for the HS2, which has all the above functionality, including DV in, and a hard drive for discless recording / transferring of RAM recordings to dvd-r, which is a massive plus.


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I'm a +RW fan so haven't experienced either the E20 or E30 but from what I've read here the E20 is much more sensitive to media quality (ie you can't use cheapo blank discs) than the E30.

If I were to jump the +RW ship to the -RAM 'enemy' :) I would definitely go for the E30 or HS2.


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I'll be buying the E30 in 2 weeks from now so if anybody see's it anywhere for less than the £388 at empiredirect please let me know. The price match at Lewis' with a 2 year warranty looks go though.


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Ricky27. The FR (Flexible rate) function is much better on the E30. On the E20 you can only use the FR function with the timer on the E30 that restriction is not there. I have both machines and there is no difference in picture quality that I can see. Both are brilliant in that respect.

Although in my experience so far I have found the E30 to be just as picky with cheap media as is the E20. Malcom.

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