Panasonic DMR-E100H problem



My friend Steve, who is unable to post here for some reason has asked me to post the following for him. Obviously he'd be grateful for any ideas. I've already suggested a larger hammer.

Having just dubbed from hard disc onto blank DVD and finalised the result, my Panasonic
DMR-E100H went into 'Self Checking' mode and has absolutely refused to come out.
The machine will not turn off and after being removed from the mains and then reconnected turns
itself on and immediately goes back to 'Self Checking'.
I've left the machine switched on for 24 hours in the 'Sel;f Checking' mode in the hope that it might
work its way through checking the DVD and everything else, but it remains determinedly in the 'Self
Checking' mode.
The manual states that 'Self Check' means that 'the unit is carrying out its recovery process. Wait
until the message disappearsd.'
If only!


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sounds serious

how about powering it up and trying to eject the disc before it has a chance to go into self check?


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Could be caused by the disc. You have not stated if the disc has been removed. It should state in the manual how to remove disc if tray cannot be opened. I think its something like press stop button and channel ^ on the main unit whilst pressing "open".
On my Panasonic E85 to remove a faulty disc whilst on continuous "self check" I had to remove the top from the laser compartment.
If its the same its just four top screws to remove but to gain access to the front two I had to disengage the front of the unit. All so simple after you have done it once! Just had the one bad disc in two years of use. Machine is still working fine.

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