Panasonic DMR-BS850 will not record just has blinking red light


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Hi can anyone help me please?
My elderly parents have a Panasonic DMR BS850 Blu Ray/DVD/ TV recorder.
Recently when they go to set a new recording it keeps saying no signal and the recording light continues to blink instead of staying on.
The strange thing is that it is still recording shows that are already set to record, like series links but they are unable to just randomly record something.

I don't have a clue where to start to help them so if anyone could advise me I would so much appreciate it.

Kind regards


Welcome to the forum.

The unit cannot record if it is receiving no signal on the channel it is trying to record. ( ...hence blinking red indicator).

The first thing is to establish if it is all channels that are not being received- which would indicate a problem with the aerial, or its connection - or a reception problem.

If it is just certain channels that are not being received then the unit may require a retune or may also be indicative of a reception problem requiring further analysis.

Put the TV onto the AV channel that 'sees the '850' then go up and down through the channels to see whether any or all channels are missing.

If it is certain channels only - note which ones. From that information the multiplex involved can be deduced.


I have just spotted that this is a satellite version - so it will be connected to a dish, not an aerial, and multiplexes have no relevance.

Most of the above still applies.
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