Panasonic DMR-850 wont turn on


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So my Panasonic DMR-850 is nearly 18 months old and devolped an odd fault

Press on works fine up till bout 3 months ago then....

Press on "please wait" "ITVHD" it reads but on the TV its blank yet sound can be heard. Turn off... sometimes it says "please wait" till it auto shut off.

Did this for bout a month then like magic WORKS no problem. Records plays so transfered programs onto my EXT HDD. No issues

That lasted bout a month then AGAIN... same issue

Then like magic tonight working with no issues.



All those behaviours seem entirely normal - except the no vision, which is probably an HDMI switching issue and is as likely to be an issue with the way your TV is switching HDMI as the unit itself.

If it happens again reset the whole HDMI interface by completely unpowering both the TV and '850.
Then repower and IMPORTANTLY switch on thee TV before switching on the 850.


Novice Member
It's been fine for 15 months nothing changed. But sometimes it won't display a picture or hear sound or get past the "please wait" bit. Plugged in all 4 humidity and not plugged in at all all has same results

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