Panasonic dmp-bdt310 2d to 3d convert problems !


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I have just got my hands on my new blu ray player panasonic dmp bdt310 , it is plugged in to my lg 47ld950 LCD 3d tv
All is on wifi running tried a 3D film first and bingo great picture and all in 3d , next I tried avatar in 2d blu ray and pressed the 3d button to switch to 3d only no it won't let me choose 2d to 3d ! Can't work out why re set it again and still no 3d please help as this was main reason I bought it I have a pioneer lx 08 blu ray to watch 2d if I want !


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I can't imagine why it isnt working to be honest 2D -> 3D is poor anyway, not worth the effort a total gimmick.


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Only proper 3D discs will give satisfaction - 2D to 3D a total gimmick and very disappointing in my view.


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Thanks for the reply,s but I'm still not able to use 2d- 3d just to see for my self , feel a bit bit robbed as I paid a bit more just so I could try it .
Have now give up it's going back to Severn oaks !


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I have the answer ! Phoned my friends at richer sounds and they to had same problem untill they tried it with a panasonic tv ! Bingo 2d-3d worked . They then tried it back on a lg, samsung, and yes u guessed it not working , these players should have a warning only works with panasonic tv s taking mine back monday !


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I've been told that this set up should work as long as the Bluray player is set to do 2D to 3D conversion, and the TV is switched to side by side mode. Perhaps worth a try


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What is the result of having a 3D player with 2D to 3D conversion and let's say a TV with 2D to 3D conversion?

I would assume that one would have to be turned off. Also, if anyone knows, would this negate the point in buying both? As only one piece of hardware with this functionality would be required.

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No direct experience of 2D - 3D converting players or displays. But I assume the TV would convert all content, where as the player would only convert any media played through it so IF the TV will convert Sky Broadcasts for example that's a plus point to the TV.

Replicating features in nothing new.. Look at the Audio decoding and image processing such as upscaling etc.. Most people will have several bits of kit that will perform this in their set-up.


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I have the same set up and mine seems to work.

If the Panny DMP-BDT310 is set to 2D-3D mode with a Side-By-Side configuration, the DVD/Blu Ray image appears as a vertically split screen of two squished videos showing the same footage [like the Sky SBS broadcasts].

All you have to do is to press the 3D button on the LG 47LD950 and toggle it to the SBS function [the one with the two flower images next to each other L&R] and the two images combine into one 3D image.

I have tried it with an Avatar 2D DVD and it was definitely 3D. Although the same effect isn't so pleasing with other DVDs such as 300 or Knowing [even though the depth was set to -5 and Soft edged]. Mind you after seeing the Tron Grid in 3D any DVD conversion from 2D-3D would look a bit lame.

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