Panasonic DMP-BBT01 Owner's Thread


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Thanks for the info, i always try to get as many peoples opinions as possible when it comes to operating noise as some people have more sensitive hearing than others, but everyone seems to be saying this player is almost silent after the initial loading, so i think its probably safe for me to go ahead and buy one.


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I am looking for a disk player that works vertically and I can hack for region free. The Panasonic DMP-BBT01 seems to be one that will do it. I have been reading about the one-for-all remote hack for multi-region DVD on this machine. I am in the US and have located one. From your experience does the hack work in US models?



Got my BBT01 a couple of days ago, and I'm fairly pleased with it so far. It's a tiny little slip of a player, but the build is reassuringly solid. The slot mechanism is nice and smooth, unlike the horribly clunky mech inside my PS3 Slim. They've done an awesome job of damping the internals, too; every Blu-ray player I've ever owned (and I've had a few) has made a high-pitched whine during playback, but this one is whisper quiet. I was especially worried about that aspect because this player's so darned small.

The one-for-all remote hack for multi-region DVD works as per the current Panasonic line-up. I won't mention the BBT01 remote after this because it's still in the box. I hate touchscreens. So I use my Sony TV remote (which has codes to operate a Panny DVD, as well as the HDMI-CEC function) and it works just fine.

I've partnered it with a fancy Chord HDMI lead, and PQ is utterly fantastic. Something as middle-of-the-road as Final Destination 2 on Blu-ray looked superb, with rich blacks, tons of fine detail and consistent, well saturated colour. Avatar on 3D Blu-ray looked even better than I remember.

There's always a fly in the ointment though: the lipsync is bloody awful (audio is bitstreamed thru HDMI). Some discs are fine, others - which I've had no problems with before - play like a badly-dubbed kung fu movie. I've adjusted my amp to compensate, yet it really shouldn't be happening on a mid-range player like this one.

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