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I just wondered if people could post what they have found to be useful settings for different types of uses for the camera.

i.e. using IA indoors gives quite a dark image without flash; best settings for taking photos of kids and babies who tend to move quickly etc etc



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I have been playing around with the settings for indoor photos that come out quite dark and have now changed from IA mode to the normal picture mode, changing the sensitivity to 100 or 200 and then experimenting with exposure bracketing with forced flash off. Seems to give some very acceptable results.

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If you turn the ISO up you will get faster shutter speeds, reducing motion blur in low light scenes. The flip side is that you are likely to get more digital noise in the pictures if you go up much more. On my own compact I rarely go to 200 as it's starting to get noisy...and 400 is pretty useless. The other thing to do is if you put it to aperture priority mode and use the widest aperture (ie the lowest number) you will get the fastest shutter speed and the bonus will be the background will start to fall out of focus making the viewer focus more on the subject of the photo...

Hope thats some use



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Thanks Gordon, I am afraid with my P & S camera it has limited manual settings as regards aperture and shutter speed. My old one did but I never had the inclination to use learn about them and so when it went wrong opten for this TZ7 as it had a good zoom for a P & S. Maybe in a couple of years when I retire I might go down the dslr route and take pleasure from learning and experimenting.

Meanwhile this sort of help and reading books will help me build up enough knowledge to form a useful basis for the dslr.

Thanks for taking the time to explain

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