Panasonic DMC-TZ1 - Time to change?


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I've a TZ1 that I bought in 2007 & have been pretty happy with in general. However, I've noticed this past 12 months that other peoples pictures from newer, & often far cheaper, cameras seem to contain better detail particularly in low light/flash scenes.

Have cameras improved so much over the past few years or is it just my photography? I pretty much always use the 'auto' settings.



4 years is quite long time in technology terms for both sensor design and processing engines and the Auto modes on modern compacts are pretty good.

Why not visit a local camera store and take some test shots using your TZ1 and say a TZ10 and take them home and compare ?



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I still have my TZ1, but also now use a TZ10. The TZ1 is still very capable, but there is a marked improvement with the TZ10, especially the huge increase at the wide angle end. HD stereo video recording is also a huge improvement and you get manual settings should you want them. It's also quite a big smaller and lighter. If you are not in a rush I'll try to do some comparison shots for you - anything in particular you are interested in, e.g. macro, low light, landscape etc.


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Thanks a lot that'd be great if you get the chance to put some comparison shots up. Mainly low-light to be honest, but would also appreciate some at the long end of the zoom.
The size of the camera is pretty important too because I find the TZ1 to be a little bulky now, small though it seemed at the time I bought it. Having read up on newer models I'm looking at either the TZ10 or the Canon Powershot SX220 HS.


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Thanks a lot for that Mutamist, a marked difference even though the shots with the TZ1 are still pretty impressive.
I now need to go & try the new cameras for myself in a shop to see how much smaller they have actually become.
Cheers for your help.

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