Panasonic DMC-FT3 - Anyone got one and can provide a user review


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First thread in a few years :D

I'm looking to replace my old Olympus 1050 tough camera and see now that things have come on a bit in the tough camera market place.

I love the Olympus but for one thing, it didn't cope very well in low light.

The olympus TG810 has caught my eye but i'm a bit wary after my experiences of the 1050. The other option i'm attracted to (must be cos its shiny :D ) is the Panny DMC-TF3. I've read the reviews i can find online but they all appear relase ones and not actual in use day to day.

Has anyone got one? Can you provide feedback on how it performs.

Or the other thing is recommendations for a tough camera. Budget is about £300

Thanks in advance


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I don't think there's many here with toughened cameras or at least not many discussions, I've only got an old Olympus 850SW which has similar IQ issues to the one you've mentioned. The best I can offer is this older group test from DPR, it's a little out of date but I think it's more useful than individual reviews as they're directly comparing the cameras against each other:

'Waterproof' Camera Group Test (Q2 2009) Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review


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