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Panasonic delivers new CRT TVs

Discussion in 'News' started by John Archer, Aug 3, 2005.

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    John Archer

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    <img src="http://www.avforums.com/news/images/20050803190056.jpg" align="right">Following is the press release from Panasonic on its latest range of CRT TVs…</P><P>”Panasonic’s T(tau) range continues to offer leading-edge technology, superlative performance and looks that will grace any living environment with the introduction of four new models to make up the 2005 range. Introducing the TX-28PM12, TX-32PM12, TX-28PN1 and TX-32PM2, Panasonic is pleased to provide a breadth of choice to meet all viewer needs.</P><P>As with all Panasonic televisions, the PM12 series feature Panasonic’s award-winning Quintrix Flat Picture Tubes which reduces reflections from external light sources such as windows. The Quintrix Flat tube is made up of five distinct elements – the Faceplate, Super Shadow Mask, DQ-DAF Electron Gun, Deflection Yoke and Super Pigment Phospher. All five elements are uniquely combined to create the outstanding, high quality pictures with higher brightness, strong rich colours and razor sharp resolution even at the edge of the screen.</p><P><b>Introducing the PM12 series…</b><br>Successor to the highly acclaimed PM11 series, the TX-28PM12 and TX-32PM12 incorporate an impressive array of features for superb viewing. The PM12s boasts an awesome signal frequency of 100Hz for flicker-free viewing. 100Hz technology significantly reduces flicker for a smooth picture by digitally creating a replica of each frame and inserting it after the one before - perfect for fast motions films, for example. For additional user friendliness they include Q-Link, a feature that connects the TV to the DVD recorder and allows them to function as one unit. This clever feature automatically copies channel data from TV to DVD recorder, thus making the job of setting up the TV even easier. The Q-Link also enables instant recording of a TV programme and simultaneous start-up and shutdown of both units.</p><P>The new models also boast on-screen menus and graphics, providing useful, helpful information and easy access. This makes the televisions simple to operate, and enhances the enjoyment.</P><P>The screen is set in a stunning silver frame and the graceful stand adds the perfect finishing touch, with curved feet showing the television off to beautiful effect. These TVs create a beautiful image even before they are switched on. </P><P><b>Introducing the TX-28PN1 and TX-32PM2…</b><br>The 50Hz TX-28PN1 and TX-32PM2 offer the same high standard of image reproduction as the PM12 series and again include the Quintrix Flat tubes for a picture guaranteed to impress. The TX-32PM2 also features Q-Link for user friendliness, and ease of use.</P><P>Like their 100Hz counterparts, the TX-28PN1 and TX-32PM2 boast highly innovative designs. Elegantly finished in sleek silver with a graceful stand, these models offer a beautiful vision. The NICAM speakers featured in the TX-28PN1 are positioned under the screen, making the width of the TV compact and waif-like – perfect for smaller rooms.</P><P>Successor to the TX-32PM1, the TX-32PM2 continues to offer the technology and aesthetics associated with Panasonic’s T(tau) televisions. Featuring the renowned Quntrix Flat tubes which ensures the finest detail, the clearest picture and the most natural colours and contrasts, the image is second-to-none. </P><P>Complimented by a sleek and elegant cabinet, the TX-32PM2 is a highly desirable addition to any living environment.”

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