Panasonic DECT phones - listening in to calls on all handsets


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Hi all

not sure if this is the right section for this but we have just changed our house phone to a Panasonic Quad DECT phone set which i purchased a while ago but stored and waited for our previous DECT phones to die.

all is fine but we noticed today that when we answer a a phone call, the other handsets can also listen in to the conversation

we have had loads of DECT phones in the past and they have never allowed this to happen, if you answer a call using one handset you shouldn't be able to listen in on any other handset?

ive looked at the handset and base menus and cant see to find this option

is this normal with Panasonic DECT phones?

model is: Panasonic TG7224E



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Not with all panasonic, the ones I have just say in use. Another phone we have (swisscom) has menu options to allow you to do this though. Can only suggest looking in the manual

blue max

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Does on my quad set - not brand new but the top of the range at the time. Quite useful as anyone can pick up - all can speak and the person who doesn't need to speak can hang up. Or you can transfer by telling the other person to pick up and then hanging up yourself.

But I do accept that this 'feature' may not be to everyone's taste. Never tried to disable it though. On the base unit setup there is a setting for 'privacy mode', although it doesn't say what that does - may need to check the manual (which I don't have).



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This is how my Pani phones work but having a look around I think the multiple phone systems that have conference calling allow the other phones on the system to pick up while the ones with-out conference calling you have to pass the call to the other phones on the system, if that makes sense.


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thanks all

this feature after doing some reading is called Call Privacy

looked in the manual and if you want it on you have to select something in the menu whilst on your on the call

glad the phones aren't faulty!

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