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Just got my 42" Panasonic D5 with TUPTA600 tuner and thought I'd give you some initial comments.

As has been noticed by others, the silver frame looks as though it was sprayed by a blind monkey in a dusty cellar. Not impressive at all !

I can confirm that the dreaded buzz is present and changes in level dependent on the picture. In a totally silent room it is audible from some distance away. BUT IMHO its perfectly acceptable.

While I'm on the negatives, there is also a small mark on the surface of the screen that cannot be removed, it looks like a finger print but I'm not convinced it is. The finger prints that inevitably appeared when the installation guys put it on the wall were all removed easily with a lens cloth. This particular mark is only visible at a certain angle and in certain light, when the display is off. I can just about put up with it though.

Should I be putting up with anything at the price ? Is a good question of course.

Now the bit that makes the cost and wait worthwhile, it looks simply awesome... and thats when it's off. It looks even better on :)


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Congrats, I'm close to buying my screen and am unsyre about the tuner. Have you any comments on it, especially the picture from it and convenience. Thanks


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Originally posted by Dave777
am unsyre about the tuner. Have you any comments on it, especially the picture from it and convenience. Thanks

Convenience was the reason I went for it really, that and Teletext. I could have used the VCR tuner, but too much hassle especially if you want to be recording something else.

The picture is pretty impressive considering my aerial feed is not great, it's probably better noise/interference wise than my old CRT TV which I know isn't always the case with terrestrial sources on a Plasma.

I havent done enough experimenting to comment on the Tuners performance regarding video switching yet.


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I received mine a week ago: D5 and 600 tuner. I'm a bit puzzled with the settings. I used the tuner remote at first to control the whole setup but I read the display manual and wanted to try a few settings which seem different from the explanations in the tuner manual. That's when I discovered that my display remote is partly disabled: can open the setup menu but not navigate or choose any item. And the menus don't let me access a lot of settings shown in the manual. I guess this is caused by the tuner input board in the plasma ? Or is my display malfunctioning.

The very good news is that it does not buzz, or at least I cannot hear it, even with no sound on at 2 am

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