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Panasonic cx400 led or lcd confusion


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Hi just received my panasonic viera cx400 today. But having an issue. As every website selling these is advertising it as LED but on my box and the rating plate is LCD?

Contacted AO and the technical guy says it's a printing error and that all 4k tv's are led? I'm not buying into that excuse just yet?

So the plan is to call panasonic tomorrow.

But just wanted someone's opinion.

Picture is of the data plate on the back of the tv.


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All LED Tv's are LCD screen, the LED refers to the lighting used, as older TV's labelled as LCD used CCFL lighting.

Chris Muriel

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Like 99% of TVs sold or maketed as "LED", it's an LCD panel with LED backlighting.
If it was true LED it would have to be an OLED screen - and would cost thousands rather than hundreds of pounds!

Stuart Wright

AVForums Founder
Staff member
As the other chaps have said, what are marketed and widely known as LED TVs are LCD TVs with LED backlighting. It's a marketing idea which the public have swallowed, and as a result we have to follow. We (as far as I know) always call them LED LCD TVs. Note the title of this forum.


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Cheers chaps
bigd you explained it spot on. Panasonic tried to explain but in a round about way.
Iv not bought a tv in 7 years so not really kept up with the tech.

Had the tv on last night picture is very good. But seems like there's a slight bit of juddering. Iv only streamed so far and it's only slight. Will try a blu ray tonight.

Thanks for all the replys

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