Panasonic CT30 freeview box - no 16/9 switching

Discussion in 'Freeview & YouView' started by canlabmaster, Jun 3, 2004.

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    Does anyone out there have a Panasonic TU-CT30 Freeview Digibox (as sold by Dixons) who can tell me if mine is faulty or what?

    The problem is that I don't get any 16:9 switching from the second scart socket (the one used to connect to a recorder - not the TV one). The result is of course, vertically elongated 4:3 pictures when true 16:9 transmissions are recorded.

    I have contacted the Panasonic helpline about this and they said they would look into the problem to determine if it was a production fault or a design fault with this model. I have called them back three times now (over about three weeks) and have been told, basically, that investigations were continuing and that the sample they had access to was indeed showing a similar problem, but they were still unable to pinpoint how widespread it was or indicate what the appropriate solution might be.

    So - anyone out there in the same boat?
    Contributions gratefully received.

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