Panasonic CRT to new SONY LCD


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How will the new SONY HS10 compare to my current 12 year old Panasonic CRT ?

Will I notice the pixelisation considerably, or has the LCD images come a long way since I last looked at one (approx 1997)

Many thanks


PS. will the new HS2 be a lot better than the HS1 - this projector's picture is, to me, unwatchable through the "chicken wire" effect !


Hi Chris.

I'm seriously considering the HS10 as well. Sofar the reviews I've read are very positive :)

"Have LCD tech. changed much since 1997...?"

A simple answer : Yes - resolution is higher, contrast and brightness is much better at the price compared to 1997...

I had a Sharp LCD pj in 1997 - it displayed approx. 900,000 px which meant I could see screendoor at a sittingdistance of 2.5 screenwidth away... :( The Sony HS10 displays approx. 3,200,000 px (WXGA 1366x768 x3 px) - that's pretty awesome at the price! According to reviews, screendoor is not an issue at approx. 1,6 - 1,7 screenwidth and contrast and brightness are impressive as well.

I really don't know anything about CRT so it's impossible for me to compare....bear in mind that I haven't seen the HS10 for myself might wanna try and search for "HS10" and "Reviews" at the if you want to know more....

I can't wait to see it for myself/buy it but I haven't found out where I might buy it from yet......

Have fun!
Thomas :)

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