Panasonic Convention 2012 - Six million local dimming zones!


Do you not notice the flicker on any of them or do you notice it on both to the same degree?

Steve Withers

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Sometimes I notice flicker, although I can't say it has ever bothered me but then some people are more sensitive to flicker than others.


Thanks Steve for the info.

As it seems that sound is great!

Wondering the units to sale shelfs,seems LCDs awesome+


beagle five

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please! we have to stop this 2500hz thing before it starts!
there is no 2500hz sub field drive! panasonic calls it "2500hz focused field drive", and THAT it IS of course! since they invented "that" so of course you cant argue with it.
BUT! this is nothing more than a 600hz sub field drive tv being processed in a different way and faster for optimal performance!
basically its a 2500hz downscaled into 600hz!

so please! change your article too "focused field drive" instead ( if you have to say anything about it ).

so all panasonics are still 600hz sub field drive!

Steve Withers

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I do refer to it as a 2500Hz Focused Field Drive in the article and never once call it a 2500Hz Sub Field Drive, so I'm not sure what your problem is?
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Great preview guys:smashin:as usually, but one question comes to my mind. Why the hell there's no 60'' size in any series destined for the EU. 55inches and then big jump to 65inches, not to mention price difference between them. Another thing, no word or picture about Bluray players.:(

Steve Withers

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Why the hell there's no 60'' size in any series destined for the EU? 55inches and then big jump to 65inches, not to mention price difference between them.(

I guess it's just a question of cost, perhaps there just isn't much demand for a 60" plasma in Europe. I have a feeling that going forward we might see plasmas only coming out in larger screen sizes, 50 to 65", whilst the smaller screen sizes are exclusively LED LCD TVs.

Steve Withers

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Another thing, no word or picture about Bluray players.:(

Actually I did have a section on Blu-ray players in my original article but it was too long to post, so I had to trim it a bit. Plus, they weren't completely clear about which of the models on display would be released in the UK.

However, as far as Blu-ray players go Panasonic had their BTT800 and BTT500 on display, which are all-in-one systems that include BD players and iPod docks. There will also be the DMR PWT500, the DMR PST500 and the DMP BDT500, the latter of which will include a touch pad remote and high quality DACs. All of Panasonic's Blu-ray players will include Smart VIERA and will be able to play FLAC files. The emphasis seemed to be very much on smart functions, connectivity and power consumption this year. There was a feature called Quick Shut Off where the player shuts down when not in use and only uses 0.1W. When it senses someone nearby it goes to Quick Start Up where it uses 2W and then once in operation again it uses a mere 5W.


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...also, 2500Hz with faster fading phosphors in new Pany plasmas are very likely to eliminate flicker...2500Hz is needed to compensate for faster phosphor fading... hope you guys can compare this somewhow to older models...

We have yet to see what is 2500ffd really about. Slide from Panasonic is suggesting that time between subfields is much shorter and that they are packed at the begining of the refresh cycle, that would mean that the rest of the 1/60 cycle is blank - which would further reduce motion blur (as stated in the slide) but make more flicker (especially if decay time of red and green phosphor is shorter). In one book, this method is called 'time compression'. It would also reduce the danger of dynamic false contouring and make possible to use more than 10-30 gradations per color like in previous models ...

Whatever the case, I presume and hope it is better than 600 Hz ...

btw, time compression is in use to some degree even on models with 600 Hz subfield drive, as evident from my experiments described in thread about dithering
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Of course, when a manufacturer claims that its LCD TV is 800Hz that just isn’t true, anymore than the contrast ratio is 1,000,000:1, because the native response time of the panel remains 200Hz.

200 Hz is not in direct correlation with response time of pixels on LCD. It means that voltage applied to pixels is changed 200 times per second. It happens sequentially, pixel by pixel and row by row, so pixels at the bottom row are changed 1 / 200 s later than pixels on the top row in case of 200 Hz screen (or 1 / 60 s in case of 60 Hz screen). Response time is time needed by liquid crystals to change their state accordingly

When it comes to plasma, the response time is near instantaneous, about 1.4ms, which is how long the plasma cell is illuminated.

This again isn't in correlation. When sustain voltage is applied to pixel, phosphor starts producing light (blue almost instantly, red and green a bit slower). After sustain is over, light produced by pixel starts decaying (blue almost instantly, red and green several milliseconds in current models). Just duration of longest sustain pulse is 1.4 ms (in slide describing 2500 ffd), while other are shorter. Also, picture is formed across all subfields during 1/60 cycle, as evident on my 4000 fps clip - first subfield is very dark, successive subfields brighter. So it doesn't make much sense to compare response time of phosphor to response time of liquid crystals, because picture is being produced and percieved quite differently


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Steve, any news on the 70Inch that was mentioned at the US launch?

September maybe?

Steve Withers

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Yes, all 3D TVs require glasses, with the exception of Toshiba's ZL2 which is a 55" 4K panel that retails for about £7,000 and can only be bought from the John Lewis store in Oxford Street!

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