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panasonic connections

Discussion in 'Panasonic TVs Forum' started by dragon1, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. dragon1


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    I appologise if this is a common problem but I have only just got my Panny 50"

    The terminal board it came with is the TY-42TM4ZB the connection at the DVD/Sky end is scart, at the plasma end I have 4 phono connectors R/G/B and black.

    The guy in the shop said i need to connect the R/G/B as lettered on the terminal but with the black connector into the yellow video in socket on the AV part of the terminal.

    Ok it seems to work ,but is this the best way of connecting this up ?

    looking through some of the leads on here it would seem that JS make some interesting boxes, is there one that would give a better picture ?

    Secondly does any body know if there is a converter to allow me to take the VGA output from my PC and connect it to the scart plug ( at the DVD/Sky end) to display my PC on the Plasma.

    Unfortunately when we chased all the cables into the wall we overlooked running a seperate cable for the PC


  2. NonPayingMember

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    Oct 18, 2002
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    The JS Technology box will convert the sync signal on the composite video (yellow AV plug) into separate H and V sync signals to go into the plasma.

    At the moment your plasma is doing that for you anyway so the process is the same. There may be some quality difference in opting for the JS box but previous posters and some of our customers have tried the main three ways of doing it (JS box, SyncBlaster cable, RGB with Sync on AV) and have noticed a negligible amount of quality difference.

    For you second problem it is possible to send the signal down those cables but the plasma will not take a computer signal input on the R/G/B/H/V port, only on the 15pin D-Sub connector.

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