Panasonic, can't get video OUT. help.


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I have an "old" viera TC-P42X10B... it is the brazillian model, there are lots of model variations starting with tc-p42 that are the same TV but sold elsewhere.

The back panel looks like this:


So, it does have a monitor out, that they say can be connected to the DVD recorder, VHS. (the top label says "to record/play")

The only other two --passing-- mentions of the video OUT functionality on the manual are:

(the specs for the video out. 1-pin RCA style. 1V. 75Ohm)


(the first cell on the rwo where video out is marked reads "to record/play (VHS, DVD)" and the penultimate one reads "to use a receiver/amp" but i guess that is audio out, since they are in the same column.

Those are all the mentions to video OUT on the manual.

I tried plugging in the worst and the best RCA cables i have. I tried all the video source combinations. Even played a picture slideshow from a panasonic camera SD card... don't think anyone ever used that feature :) But nothing will put out a image there. I also tried all sort of input for the signal thinking it might be that, but no, TV capture card sees no signal, dedicated composite monitor sees no signal, some crap hardware i built sees no signal... :( I do get a voltage bump on that plug when i turn the TV on.

I'm dying to use that damn port, because i assumed it worked, and then i built a ambilight contraption! ...damn you panasonic!

Am I doomed? Is there hope?
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now the Harmon Kardon AVR3600 manual lied to me too. it says "everytime there is input signal on the composite jack, the composite OUT will mirror it"... but of course, if you even plug an HDMI cable, you get no fricking signal. Unplugging HDMI will restore signal to the composite out.

...really hate HDMI.


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Ha. turns out the TV is the same. I have to use composite and not plug in a HDMI cable. dammit. !*@^#*!# HDMI...

ok, chinese HDMI to RCA splitter it is then...

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