Panasonic Camcorder HC-V250 ,, Streaming output


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We have a community Football Club at which we take recordings of our matches using the above Camcorder.
The Camcorder has both HDMI and AV output which we would like to stream to our football lounge so those that want to drink, can still watch the match realtime.
However . . . .
Whilst recording, we are unable to get a picture out of either the HDMI or the AV output sockets.
It streams OK on playback and on stand-by, but cuts off when recording.
Is this a camera fault, or is this usual?

Also, do you know how we can stream this real-time with this camera by using another means?


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Some cameras cut the output while recording, unfortunately the 250 is one of these. I know that the HC-V750 will output during recording as I use a remote monitor with mine.


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Odd then that Pana Website blurb for the v250 reads like WiFi is enabled - Has OP tried monitoring via a smart-phone perhaps?
Maybe the picture quality is lower and he wants full HD.
Another feature they claim is the ability to use the camcorder to monitor Pets, or Baby while you are away - yet I'd expect this to be short-lived when the battery is exhausted, or does this mean you must be connected to a mains source and they aren't saying? That's probably it and there is no ( or minimal) SDHC memory usage, as it is only sending changes/intervals.... and it's probably WiFi anyway.

Does anyone have a spec for the picture quality/Audio via WiFi? Is it always the same, whatever the Sender/Receiver....?

My Sony NEX5 ( Stills) and CX410 ( Camcorder )- both output HDMI via micro HDMI connectors, whilst in Movie-mode....
+ So it has never occurred to me that others don't.
However, I guess it's down to price - if your in "Low-Budget" region, then there are processing priorities and HDMI / AV isn't available. Maybe OP can go back to the Retailer and get an Upgrade? - or keep it, Upgrade and use the current model for goal-mouth shots, etc. which can be cut into a later Edit.

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