panasonic blu ray on a crt tv


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I have just purchased a 2nd hand a Panasonic bdp35 which i am going to use on a Panasonic 24 inch CRT.
My question is although i know i won't get hi-def on the set will the sd picture be viewable. This is only a stop gap measure until i get an 26 LCD as this is a bedroom set-up Cheers

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You should be able to set the player to 576 I out put through component, SVHS or composite..
If the tv allows for progressive scan, set the BR player to 576 P, PQ will be better, but use 576 I 1st as you need to see all your menus and such and if you set the player to 576 P and the TV does not recognise it, you will not be able to view the menu...
Can be hard to get the player back to default settings...
So your tv should be compatible, and the PQ will still be great...
If you have any probs post on here and we will help you...


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