Panasonic Blu Ray DVD/recorder/player with HDD


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We own a Panasonic Blu Ray DVD/recorder/player with HDD.

It is nearly 6 years old and up to now has worked perfectly.

We have bought a number of Blu ray Box Sets, mostly second hand - but some of them new.

We have got to series 6 of Downton Abbey! - and whilst the intro./advertisements/trailers for other films etc play ok - when the actual programme starts the picture is perfect - BUT there is no sound just a series of loud clicks, AND this is the case for episodes we have already watched and they previously played ok.

Recordings on the HDD play perfectly.

Some if the DVD’s can suddenly freeze or stick momentarily but not often.

Any suggestions as to why this is happening are welcome.

We could always come into the 21st century and subscribe to an online channel!

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The model number might help.

If adverts etc play OK with sound there is evidently nothing wrong with the playback route, so I'd guess that the sound output type of the particular programmes that do not reproduce, do not match whatever sound output configuration/ system you are using... so the settings of the playback unit or the system you are feeding into need adjusting.


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Thank you for your prompt reply.

The model number is DMR - BWT 720

I have never adjusted the sound settings on the device over the 6 years I have had it but previously played DVD's where the sound was fine now just produce the clicking sound.

I will try adjusting the sound settings - not sure how to do this but I can probably work it out from the Menu.The DVD case indicates English DTS-HD Master Audio 2 and Dolby Digital - this means nothing to me but I will see how I go!

Maybe I should just buy a new recorder.



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Your advice was spot on.I worked out how to change the sound settings and the DVD now plays perfectly with sound.

I cannot understand how previously watched DVD’s ,with the sound settings of the last 6 years ,now require a different sound setting.

Anyway all working now - everyone happy - so again Thank You.

Kind Regards,

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