Panasonic Blu Ray DMP-BDT110 Region Free Hack


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You need to rent/buy a pre programmed remote mate then you just ponit it at the player and press the button basically and thats it its region free on dvd only (Not blu-ray) I waiting for one to come just paid £12 delivered for it should be here tomorrow if you want it for £10 let me know and i can post a classified add on here to keep to the rules etc


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Thanks J - so what you're saying is with the remote it only unlocks the DVD area of the player ? if so, that's exactly what I want. Yes I am interested in getting my hands on this remote, but I live in Australia - any probs ?


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Yes mate only the dvd area is unlocked, another option is if you have or know anyone that has a all-for-one remote i can link instructions on how to program that then you can sort it for free :>)


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It has to have an M button on it here are the instructions
1. Hold the ‘M' button (Key Magic) until the red light on the control blinks twice
2. On the remote press the buttons 994. The red light should blink twice.
3. Press ‘M' again. The red light will blink once more.
4. Enter the 5 digit function code.
5. Finally press the button you want to assign the function to. The red light will blink twice more.

Follow the above instructions to assign the following function codes to the following buttons:

key 1, code 00191
key 2, code 00120
key 3, code 00065
key 4, code 00180
key 5, code 00143
key 6, code 00155
key 7, code 00122
key 8, code 00117
key 9, code 00129
key 0, code 00123

Once all re-programmed we can now perform the multiregion procedure:

1. Switch on the player, eject any disc.
2. Press the OneForAll Remote buttons in the following sequence with about a second pause between presses: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
3. The player will automatically reboot and be DVD multiregion without any message.

Good luck and enjoy!


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Thanks for that J very much appreciated. I've also posted a thread about my lg hr825t blu ray player as wel. Just didnt think about all the dvd's i bought whilst overseas. Cheers C.


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Hi Guys,
I have a DMP-BDT110, I had bought a Region 1 DVD on ebay, I thought that DMP-BDT110 was region free?
Just updated the firmware on the player, I've only got the controller that came with the player, is there anything I can do with that to watch Region 1?
I get the message 'This Disc may not be played in your region'


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I've got 1.92, I got that my plugging a network cable into my DVD Player to Router, set up as wired and ran a firmware update, so I should be OK?


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Hi can confirm it works perfect
What is the "M" on the remote, I am in the US. I have a universal remote, but am not seeing an "M" anywhere, and when I went to I didn't see a letter "M" on any of there remotes. Is there a similar button that maybe is labeled different here?


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I appreciate that this is a very old thread but it is still very relevant.
I recently purchased a Panasonic DMR-BDT184EG thinking that, because it was advertised as playing NTSC discs, that it would play my collection of American DVDs. I now understand the distinction between format and region and realise that I need a region mod. The 'One For All' procedure mentioned earlier in this thread looked hopeful but I tried it with my One For All without success. I programmed all the buttons, as suggested and the player responds with the red light flashing as though it is accepting the code sequence. However, it does not flash for buttons 3, 5 and 9 so I guess the codes have been changed for my player. I have searched the Internet but cannot find the codes anywhere.
I tried Panasonic but they would not help.
I know there is a device for sale on E-Bay but I am in Belgium and, in the present post-Brexit climate, there is the likelihood that any attempt to purchase from the UK would be taxed heavily or even seized by customs. In any case, I could not be sure that it would work.
If anyone has an idea how to obtain the appropriate One For All codes or alternative ideas for making this player region-free, I would really appreciate your advice.

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