Panasonic BDT210 DVD upscaling


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I have recently upgraded from a PS3 slim to a Panasonic BDT210. I am very impressed with the quality of the blu-ray picture, however, not so much with the picture quality from DVD. DVD pictures are grainy, with lots of noise (especially in very light/dark areas). I got a much better picture from DVD with the PS3!

Is the upscaling in the PS3 better than the panny? Also, wondered if leaving the upscaling to the TV would make a difference? I have a Sony KDL40W4000. I have looked through settings of the BDT210, but can't find any option to turn upscaling on/off. Can you do that with this model?

Any thoughts/help with settings appreciated!



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You turn off the up scaling by selecting 480/576 in the settings. That will just send DVD at its standard resolution meaning your TV will upscale it. It's some where in the menu under HDMI connection or something like that.

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