Panasonic bd30 playback problems


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I've been watching bluray 24 season 7 on my panasonic bd30 and near the end of the last episode on disc 2 about 42 mins in it completely freezes and then returns to themain menu, it just doesn't play it at all!

I thought it might be the disc but I tried it on my ps3 and it worked perfectly?

I also have noticed on a lot of blurays every now and then the sound cuts out for a fraction of a second, if I visual the disc back to the same part of the film it occurred in it works fine, so it's not on any specific parts of a disc that this happens?

Lastly when I visual blurays backwards for too longer time, say, 10 seconds, the disc completely stops?

Can someone please help with these problems? I haven't had the player for much more than a year so I would rather not upgrade if I can help it.


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I should have titled this thread as panasonic bd30 playback problems but I dont know how to change it!

Anybody have any ideas?

Bald Monkey

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Done :smashin:


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Have you updated the firmware recently? I have one of these and it was misbehaving a bit like yours plus bad lipsync - updated the firmware to the lastest version couple of weeks ago and hey presto back to normal!

Worth a shot for all that's in it.

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